The St Lucia offshore company was introduced with the passing of the St Lucia International Business Companies Act of 1999. The St Lucia IBC is a very reputable offshore company which can do business anywhere in the world. There are many advantages of setting up an offshore company in the tax have of St Lucia.

St Lucia is one of many tax havens located in the Caribbean and setting up and offshore company there means tremendous tax savings. Offshore companies incorporated in the tax haven of St Lucia according to legislation pay no form of local taxes on income gained outside of the territory. St Lucia offshore companies are prohibited from doing business within St Lucia, I therefore mean that all income will be gained offshore. An advantage of St Lucia offshore companies means no capital gains tax, estate tax, inheritance tax; income tax or corporate taxes will be paid reducing the tax liabilities of the St Lucia offshore company.

An advantage of a St Lucia offshore company is the ease with which these companies are set up. For offshore company formation in St Lucia a registered agent must be contracted according to offshore company laws in the tax haven. To set up the St Lucia offshore company the registered agent files on behalf of the owners of the company a Memorandum and Articles of Association with the Registrar of companies in the jurisdiction. Information which is necessary for company formation is the name of the company, the name and address of the registered agents, the authorized share capital and the number and types of shares to be issued. The St Lucia offshore business company can be incorporated in one working day which is a big advantage of St Lucia offshore companies.

The St Lucia offshore companies have a very flexible structure. One of the advantages of St Lucia offshore company is that only one shareholder and one director is needed for offshore company incorporation. Another advantage lies in that the shareholder and the director of the corporation can be the same individual or corporation. St Lucia offshore company legislation allows for the use of corporate shareholders and directors when forming St Lucia offshore companies.

St Lucia offshore companies are easy to maintain as legislation itself does not require very much of St Lucia offshore companies and this in itself is a big advantage. St Lucia offshore companies are not obligated to file its annual financial statement to the tax authorities on the tax haven. Offshore companies in St Lucia only pay an annual license fee which is set at a very affordable rate. St Lucia offshore companies can keep it meetings of shareholders and directors anywhere in the world at any time convenient to the persons involved.

Going offshore is all about exploring possibilities and making use of them. For many years, our team has been working alongside trusted service providers who are government approved agents. Dual nationality programs provides a channel for citizens of foreign countries to invest overseas as citizens and avail themselves of milder tax conditions such as zero inheritance or death tax. Two established second citizenship programs exist in Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis. For support if interested in second citizenship and other offshore financial services, don’t hesitate to write us.

St Lucia offshore companies are perfect for asset protection as legislation protects assets placed in St Lucia offshore companies from forced heirship and court rulings of foreign jurisdictions making the St Lucia offshore company perfect for estate planning. Offshore companies legislation of St Lucia also provide privacy for the shareholders and directors of offshore companies ensuring that information concerning the aforementioned persons and the offshore company does not become public knowledge.

The advantages of St Lucia offshore companies are many. Offshore companies incorporated in St Lucia have the backing of the government of the country as the government puts in the necessary legislation to ensure that St Lucia offshore companies are amongst the best available.