St Lucia is one of four islands which make up the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. The island is located to the south of Martinique and to the North of St Vincent. The island is approximately 620 square kilometers in size. The population of St Lucia is estimated to be at 160,000 people with the majority living in Castries. Castries is the capital of the island of St Lucia. St Lucia being a former colony of Great Britain the official language is English. The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar however local banks recognize and accept foreign currencies namely, Canadian Dollars, United States Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds.

St Lucia is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The economy of the island depends largely on its tourism industry. St Lucia which advertises itself as Simply Beautiful is just that. The island is well known for its beautiful stretches of white sand beaches, tropical rain forests and great resorts. St Lucia boasts of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean which entice visitors to the shores each year. Visitors to St Lucia come from the United States, Canada, Europe and even neighboring Caribbean islands.

The island of St Lucia is rated amongst the top countries for wedding destinations in the world. Many resorts on the island offer honeymoon and wedding packages which attracts many persons to get married on this island paradise.

The island of St. Lucia has a thriving offshore financial services sector which also helps boost its economy. Offshore services offered in the tax haven of St Lucia include offshore banking, the incorporation of offshore companies and the formation of offshore trusts. St Lucia’s offshore financial sector is well regulated and the government of the tax haven has given its commitment to strengthening the sector in the jurisdiction.

There is a lot to do on the island of St Lucia. The beaches offer opportunities for sun tanning, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, Scuba Diving, yachting among other activities. Hiking is very popular amongst visitors to the island of St Lucia. The island has vibrant rain forests with many well detailed trails. Whilst hiking persons can take it the beautiful sights and get a firsthand look at many different bird species and animals which reside in these forests. St Lucia also boasts of the world’s only drive- thru volcano which attracts many visitors.

Getting to St Lucia is very easy on the south of the island in the town of Vieux Fort is situated the island’s only International Airport which accommodates flights from North America, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe. Local transportation is provided by taxes and shuttle buses. Most of the bigger hotels on the islands provide transportation for guests on arrival at the airports. There is a smaller airport located on the outskirts of the capital of Castries which accommodates flights from the neighboring Caribbean islands.

Accommodations on the island are provided by many St. Lucia hotels, resorts, guesthouses, villas and inns which are scattered around the island. St Lucia is home to many international resorts. There are St. Lucia hotels and accommodations on the island of St Lucia to fit every lifestyle and budget.